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I am a Mentor, Radio Host, Author (“Daily Affirmation for Hurting Men”, “The Struggles in a Man’s Life”, “A Man’s Failure to Grow Up”, “Breaking the Cycle by Becoming Better Fathers”, “Caught in a System Designed to Keep Us Bound”, “Being Black: The Color of Injustice” & “Mass Incarceration, The White Man’s New Form of Slavery”). Help4Men was founded in 2012, Help4YoungWomen, Help4YoungMen in 2014 and My Life Does Matter in 2016. The mission of Help4Men, Inc. is to continuously build up the men/women within our global communities by providing them with the necessary resources to help them get past their hurts in order for them to be able to propel into their divine purpose.

Although the world may be big, I am a strong believer that all things are possible. While I make a difference in the life of one, others will be touched by those same experiences. My desire? To make a difference in the lives of our young and older men and women all over the world.

Residing in Georgia with my family. My books have been featured on a number of merchant website's and in bookstores, also been featured on a number of radio shows, have successfully launched the “Atlanta Prostate Cancer Walk” in 2013, Fathers Fun Fest in 2014, made guest appearances on the Man Cave TV Show speaking on the success and the mission of Help4Men Inc. I am currently active in the Cobb County school district delivering my curriculum "The Journey from PrinceHood to ManHood" which is a mentoring program with 3500 young men and women. I am currently promoting my Hurting Men of Valor series internationally. I also host my radio show 5 days a week with affiliations with 17 radio stations, shows also airs on SirusXM Satellite radio with listeners within the US, Canada, London England, Canada and the Caribbean.